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Our Events

6pm - 10pm

@Bunker Bar

Second Thursday of every month.

July 11th
August 8th
September 12th
October 10th
November 14th
December 12th


WEARINGHERS is held on the second Thursday of every month   @ Bunker Bar , 217-211 City Road, London, EC1V IJN  ,


Club Wearinghers is the only known club in the world where masculine men who desire to wear female lingerie and/or heroes in lycra/spandex/nylon etc...(and the men who admire them)  meet, socialised and play.


Many masculine men have a fetish to wear lingerie/lycra/spandex/nylon etc... but do not identify, or wish to identify as being feminine.

Many masculine men secretly dress in lingerie/lycra/spandex/nylon  , hiding their fetish from friends and family.

Instead of dressing in isolation , imagine what a thrill it would be to be in a public space , having a cocktail or two , sat in all of your lingerie/lycra/spandex/nylon finery for the world to see ? Come to our "safe space" and be amongst like minded men.

Items you can to wear may include: tights (pantyhose) , stockings, suspenders (garters), panties, basques, girdles, corsets, baby dolls, heels etc... For lycra heroes it could be full body layers of pantyhose encasement (tights)  lycra leggings, female lycra swimming suits, spandex suits, superhero outfits , masked Mexican spandex wrestlers etc...

Do you love to wear them too ?
Outwardly , you a masculine man. You may be gay , bi or straight.

You have no desire to "look" or "feel" like a woman - you are confident enough in your masculinity to accept that you feel enhanced and excited when you wear female attire.

You have no desire to wear make-up or wigs or "transform" yourself in any way. You may even have hairy legs, body hair or a beard.

All you know, and what we care about,  is that wearing lingerie  is very erotic and fulfilling for you.


Club Wearinghers provides a discreet venue for you where you can dress and socialise or even play with other men , men who are lingerie men, or men who admire lingerie wearers, men just like you !

Many of the men who attend Wearingers London identify as gay , bisexual or bi-curious, however, straight men will also be made to feel very welcome and will not be pressurised.

Heterosexual men can click the tab, at the top, for more information about this.

Transmen are also welcome , transmen are men.

Many men also attended Club Heroes at The Backstreet , guys in to lycra/spandex - we welcome you guys too.

Its all about the look , feel , textures , sensuality of the fabrics as much as the look.


Do you NOT dress yourself BUT you admire guys who do ? 

Admirers are very welcome at our wearinghers events.
There are plenty of greedy, lingerie bottoms for you to play with :-)


Club Wearinghers London is a men only space, we do not admit females.

We also do not allow entry to those men who wear make-up, wigs, dresses etc... men calling themselves "Mandy" or "Caroline" etc... when they put on lingerie.

KNOW your masculinity , EMBRACE your masculinity, CELEBRATE your masculinity and JOIN with us... just make sure you have your panties and stockings on !

Club Wearinghers is a venue for natural, male, masculine men only.


What to expect on your visit ?

In terms of what to expect it's super friendly, sissybloke is on the door greeting you in his lingerie.
There's a changing room and a big bag is supplied, to put your things in, then it is guarded in the free cloakroom. You emerge in whatever delicious lingerie you care to wear (or not wear!) and come into the bar. 

There'll be others dressed in sexy panties, basques, teddies, panties, holdups, tights, stockings, nylons , lycra/spandex,  maybe even some admirers dressed in normal clothes. 

Everyone is very chilled . Get a drink and have a wander around the few different areas. There's a porn cinema room, some gloryhole booths, a dark room with a bench and a sling.  

Some just come for a drink and dress, or just come and admire , in your regular clothes. Others do a LOT more! anything goes, it's your night to do as much or as little as you like. Main thing to emphasise is how friendly it is, there's never any hassle, people are respectful.


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At we have a forum, where you can send messages , send/view pictures , start chats etc... with other masculine men who wear lingerie. We have a lovely community of guys there . Join Us !




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